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July 21, 2009


lol... kickass, i love that. it makes me feel like molly shannon on SNL, when she wears those red pants and keeps saying i'm 50... that part i would have to change, i guess.

love that you are posting...yay.... go jennifer! raah raaah raaaaah!

oh and your post makes me think of this time when i was in college, the internet was JUST brand spanking new at this college, and only the cute computer geeks and a few of us odd balls knew about it... yes, i had an account... but my friend that was in the lab with me didn't, so i let her sign on the computer beside me... with my password...she wanted to write home... omg, i was SO busted, this mean guy came up and started yelling at me...making me feel like i was 2 again.. he was such a jerk... he put my account on hold and i couldn't get online for the rest of the semester. it makes me sad thinking about it now. :)
and look where we are now... goodness, think of all that wouldn't have happened without this thing called the internet.
okay my kickass late night buddy... that's my story.
keep the posts coming! xoxoxoox

way to go jennifer - kickass post along with cool kickass friends! life couldn't be better...

well yes it could be - you could win the lottery

inherit Sam, Zack and Zoe

and eat hot dogs everynight - now that would be a kickass life!

said perfectly...
and you know what ?
I can't count the number of friends I have from blogging....as there are sooooo many....and that my friend is an amazing number to have in my book !

i am truly amazed at all the techie tools we have at our fingertips these days -- the mixed-media/bloggy/photog art world would not be what it is today without it:)


I love your new photos! Glad you are feeling better and up and about. I really need to figure out what camera to get....I am missing SO many great shots. But I tell myself I am LIVING the moments instead of capturing them. Oh well, I still want a new camera. Have fun at Misty's and drop me an email when you get a chance. What's going on in your life? How was Karen Wallace?

Hello! Just found your beautiful, reflective blog... If it hadn't been for the internet, I wouldn't have met my husband, so I am grateful for this technology! :o) I live far from my family, so email and instant messenging keep closer during busy week days. I've been so blessed to have met so many wonderful souls via blogging and online forums. My jewelry business online... I'm online a lot--LOL! Happy Days :o)

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