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November 27, 2009


Happy late Thanksgiving, Jennifer! What a treat to get to be with the Mawn family...and for them to have you to share this time! I can imagine the laughter, fun, and decadent food that Mrs. Mawn is so skilled at making. Give her a big hug for me, will you? And those little faces...so precious. Hi Kevin! :)


...beautiful heartfelt post to share, jen...and your pics aren't too shabby either. glad to hear where you are in re-finding who jennifer really is...i think if i ever met her in person i would love her! xo wanda

oh jennifer....
talk about taking a piece of your heart and sharing it with all of us !
that was beautiful !!

you truly have been on a journey and I think it will continue for quite awhile...and why not ? how else do we really ever discover who we are and what we're made of....

the journey, the climb, the searching under rocks or in the deepest of oceans....yes, discovering is good :)

hugs to you sweet thing
and if you're still at misty's...give her one too !

This was such a touching post. November 19th was my grandfathers birthday, and also the day his wife, my grandmother passed away on in '92. I still think of her daily.

These photos are stunning -- you have such an eye, and the words equally as striking. Seems this has been a tough year on alot of us, yet me do grow stronger ...

Thanks so much for sharing, many hugs.

this is JUST what we were talking about last night over good wine.

i am so grateful you are here!!! we all are.
thank you! xoxo

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