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November 03, 2009


i haven't gone over to the 'roid's yet but will. just want to thank you jen, for such a terrrific well meant note about my mom. i left an update on my blog and felt your prayers and wishes while there...now it's catch up time at home, ya' know! xo wanda

you are just a doll! i believe i read where you have already lost your parents while writing to jane (royal). so appreciate even more the love you've given. i have 6 brothers and sisters, so the load is always shared, luckily between us and will be from here on out. xo wanda thank you jen, can't wait for misty's class!!!!!!!!

Hi Jennifer,
I hope all is well with you today. There's a little something for you on my blog. :-)

i love the babushka doll photo... it hits that soft warm spot ( i wrote spit first...how funny) in my heart. i love the camera shot, too... so dreamy. i can't wait to get more film.


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