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January 03, 2010


Here we go. Another year. Same self. Love you. Karen

Jennifer - I love your thoughtful contemplation about life and future. We all need to reflect on what brings us joy and meaning, weather we think we are in the right place or not. I wish you the very best. I feel assured that you will take on something intriguing this year. I am so glad we have "met up" through Misty, fb, and the beautiful world of blogging. Happy new year!

PS. great photo!

most of us at some point or another are faced with these same questions... what is my passion, what do i really want to do with my time and the life i have been given... i think it gets confusing because so often it seems there is a mismatch between our passions and the earning of a living... if we could completely remove the reality of having to earn a salary, what would we do with our time?... (that isn't to say we can't bring passion into anything we are doing at any time, we can...) but to do what you love and love what you do all the time and know you are in alignment with your heart's truest desire?... i think we all hope and wish for that...

leap is an awesomely courageous word... it fits you :)

happy new year... xo

Leap. Yes. Go for it! :)

our work identity is such a strong label in this culture, so much pressure that has nothing to do with making a living that pays bills.... how much $$ we make and what we "do" doesn't have a wit of influence on our being, such a difficult lesson you've been given these past few months, but such an important one as well. thank you dear jennifer for sharing about your struggles and your trust, however faltering i would imagine it could be at moments - to embrace "leap" as your word for 2010 implies such trust in the universe, and inspires us all!

....and then there's that Zen saying..."Leap, and the Net appears." Here's to Faith, which supports all Leaps.
You Rock!

leap baby leap....then dance and laugh and shake your boobies !

seriously, this year, 2010, just has that kind of feeling to it...I'm not sure if it's the twenty ten way to say it or that 2010 just looks cool, but somehow, this is a big year !

isn't it exciting to see what it's going to bring us ? or what we're going to do with it ??......I'm just giddy !

hey...do you have the 21st on your calendar for a madison day with kathy ?

i am having a hard time with this new year.... you know how i am feeling... i am trying so hard not to put any focus on the negative, but just can't seem to feel very enthusiastic about the new year yet, hopefully it will come with time... so much pressure...

leap is a great word for you... i love it! what i love even more than that is that you are posting more, and that you are my bff! ;)

What a wonderful and inspiring post!
I've sent it to hubby and other friends ;)

I wish you the best in your personal LEAP year!

(I came here via a tailored line.)


may you find all that you need in 2010.
: ) lulu

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