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February 07, 2010


*voted* *good job!* *good luck!*

*DONE* :)

Bummer! I missed the vote!
Hope you win! I love this
image. It's snowing here so
that means Nashville will be
shut down due to 2" of white.

Congratulations -- will vote for you:)

What a beautiful winter shot -- there's just something so magical about a beach in wintertime.


Just tried to vote but it's closed.
Gorgeous shot!

I tried to vote for you- several times but it is closed- it is beautiful- you are a talented girl!

hi jennifer!
so crazy envious that you're already all signed up for italy.
keeping my fingers crossed and counting my pennies to try and make this happen.


Man! I missed the voting but I'm glad I found your pretty blog :)

beautiful beautiful shot!
i love to visit milwaukee.
i just love that city!
i want to move there if we stay in this area. we are only about an hour and a half from there in illinois.

i'd go vote, but all the comments say it's closed. :(

that is an awesome photo :D

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