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February 01, 2010


Sounds like exciting things are coming your way Jennifer- I truly wish you the best. I always seem to slow down at the action end of an idea too- nothing like a good swift kick from good friends to keep us going!

I know it must be frustrating to be in job-limbo, but you are in such a great place.
The Place of Possibility.
The place where you pivot around on one foot, almost like a water sprinkler, and wonder where to place the other foot. Around and around and around.
360* to choose where to step.
At least 360 ideas, ...good ideas, great ideas, silly, crazy, not-so-impossible, genius, brilliant, i-can-do-that, ideas.

Taking ONE step IS ACTION.

Bravo for the website. Bravo for the courage. Bravo for knowing your self, your interest, your passion, AND your talent.

KEEP GOING. *nudge nudge*

'Blur time' isn't so bad, really. It's kinda like being on a merry-go-round and all your options & ideas are whirling past, eventually after you're done with all that spinning, you WILL land where you're supposed to. Or you'll be very very dizzy, LOL :>

Anyhow, you've got loads of support my friend. And I peeked in at your new website, love the juicy color - remember all you to have to do is say YES! (and now if I could just take my own advice *smile*)

hello, there.

thank you so much for your comment on my blog. i'm so glad you stopped by.

your blog and photos are really beautiful. i completely understand your quest for turning ideas into action. it seems to be something many people are blogging about these days. i suspect it will be an ongoing theme as long as this economy struggles the way it has been.

i wish you every ounce of luck i can as you pursue dreams and seek unemployment.

i'm now going to add your blog to my blogroll. i'd like to keep being inspired here. have a wonderful day!

: )

meant to say "...and seek employment" not "unemployment"

oh, goodness!
me and my sloppy typing!

I totally get the blur.
I am looking for a new job too and while I do my head can put me in a spin. I never knew I had this much going on in my head until I stopped working. It's deafening!

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