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March 17, 2010


Hellooo! Finally getting some time for bloghopping so here I am....that's fabulous news on the job, I didn't know!! How perfect for this time of year, very auspicious I would say :) And yes change is good, it's totally natural to resist it (at least for me) I always have questions, then there's the 'unknown' factor, all that stuff....

I've been happy & honored to follow your progress, offer encouragement and share virtual whine & cheese with ya! :) Anyhow keep us posted xo

i know what you mean... every day is a chance to start fresh. cheers to change!

you are in such an exciting, good place -- I am thrilled for you my friend!:)

Hi, I arrived here in a convoluted manner of blog surfing but want to leave a note saying I love your photography and even though I have no idea who you are I hope your new job, the move, the new life for you is everything you hope for.

p.s. and now that I've already spent too much time surfing you have given me more blogs to explore, thanks? :)

Congrats on the new job!!! I'm so excited for you....

ah, i love this idea of blogging it forward. love your site.

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